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The power of the query

Extract, capture and treat data with AllBalancesLink, using one field or a combination of more than one of the fields listed below.

  • Account
  • Account
  • Job
  • GL Start Date
  • GL End Date
  • Phase
  • Cost type
  • Supervisior
  • Costumer ID
  • PO Number
  • Job Type
  • Job Start Date
  • Job End Date
  • %Complete
  • Inactive
  • Job Note

Following is an example of filling out a query using a combination of fields.

You can also use wild cards (? and *) in a query, here is an example:

Wild cards are not available for fields like [Data] or [% Complete] and [Inactive].

AllBalancesLink will also accept cell references as a definition of fields in a query, as in the following example:

Cell references in field definitions may also use the power of wildcards; see for yourself in the following example:

Other than capturing the query balance to a spreadsheet, AllBalancesLink can exhibit an analytical report of the records found in a query by using the ZOOM tool, look at the following example of a ZOOM report in action.