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Upgrade Policy

AccountMix Software provides free minor upgrades (x.01, x.02).

Major upgrades (1.x, 2.x) are also free if you have purchased the product within 90 days of the upgrade release date.

If you have not purchased the product within this 90-day period, then you will be required to purchase the major upgrade using the special upgrade offer provided at the time. Major upgrades that are purchased for the prior version within the 90-day period are not eligible for a free upgrade to the new version once it becomes available. For example, if you were to purchase the upgrade from a version 1 product to a version 2 product within the 90-day period before the release of version 3, you would not be eligible for a free upgrade to a version 3 product.

Subscription plans

AccountMix Software provides free major upgrades (1.x, 2.x) for Subscription plan users.